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Doctorate of Business Administration and International Business

The Doctorate of Business Administration Degree Program at American International Theism University will give you comprehensive training in the field of international business. Thanks to the internet and e-commerce, globalization and international business are more common than ever before. You need to understand everything there is to know about international business if you’re going to make it in the corporate business world of today.

The International Business course in the Doctorate of Business Administration Degree Program will teach you about all aspects of the international business environment. You will study international human resources, organizational behavior, public relations strategies, ethics, information technology, social responsibility, and law. These are all important subjects in the field of international business. Employers will expect you to know them before they hire you.

When you possess a Doctorate of Business Administration, it is a huge step up from being a Master of Business Administration. An MBA is now considered to be an entry-level degree in the international business community. If you want to impress prospective employers truly, then you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. A Doctorate of Business Administration is the best way to do that.

Graduates of the Doctorate of Business Administration program go on to make six figures within the first few years of finding a job. Since you’ll have knowledge and skills in international business, you could find suitable employment at any company in the world that conducts overseas business activities. American International Theism University always awards accredited doctorate degrees, so employers will undoubtedly take your DBA seriously.

The best part is that you’ll have professors from the international business community teaching your online classes. Some of them might even give you career advice that you can use after graduation. If you’re interested in getting started, then fill out the enrollment form for the DBA program on the American International Theism University website. Your international business career can be yours in as little as 12 months.

Doctorate of Business Administration and Cultural Issues in Management

Corporate workplaces have become more diverse over the last few decades. Not only do you have to work with other companies because of globalization, but you also have to work with people from different countries in your organization. The rise of immigration has made workplaces all over the world incredibly diverse. If you were to manage one of these companies, then you must understand both business administration and cultural issues in management.

American International Theism University offers classes that teach about cultural issues in management and how you can deal with them. If you were to enroll in the Doctorate of Business Administration program, you would learn about how to conduct effective intercultural communication and interpersonal communication with your employees and business partners.

Whether you become an international manager or a business person doing business overseas, you must possess these skills to thrive in the 21st-century corporate environment. Cultural diversity is a strength in the business world. If you can learn to adapt to diversity and effectively communicate with people from other cultures, then you can all work together in harmony and make your business a success.

You should already have a Master of Business Administration Degree if you’re pursuing a Doctorate level degree. However, the Master’s Degree didn’t prepare you enough for the cultural diversity that you’re going to face in the business world. Once you become a Doctor of Business Administration, there will be no question about your abilities to manage diverse workplaces and communicate with culturally diverse workers and businesspeople.

American International Theism University allows students of the DBA program to graduate in 12 months. The courses can be taken online, and help from qualified instructors is available each day. Many of our DBA instructors are from different regions of the world, so they’re already culturally diverse.  You will learn a lot from their experiences and knowledge in this subject.

Doctorate of Business Administration and Human Resource Management Issues

When you can finally call yourself a Doctor of Business Administration, you will know everything about how to run a business and make it a success. It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or big business. Of course, your goal should be to run a big business because it can become more financially rewarding.

One of the central departments of any big business is the human resources department. They are in charge of hiring and training employees, among other things. Human resource management is essential for the productivity and profitability of any company. A Doctor of Business Administration will understand how to effectively manage the human resources department to ensure that it hires the right talent for their business.

American International Theism University offers extensive education and training on the topic of human resource management. It is an advanced course in the Doctorate of Business Administration program. You will learn how human resources professionals create strategies that allow organizations to thrive in a continually changing workplace environment.

Since you probably have your Master’s Degree in Business Administration, then you’ve already taken courses in human resource management. Now you will take the advanced version of those courses by learning new human resource management skills. Some of which include coaching, consulting, and undergoing management changes in the organization.

Some DBA graduates go on to work as independent consultants in the human resources departments of various organizations. Others get jobs directly in human resources and end up managing the entire human resources department of a company within a few short years. That is the power that a Doctorate level degree brings to your resume and ability to climb the corporate ladder.

American International Theism University offers accredited DBA degrees that will allow you to achieve your goals. Enrollment can be done online quickly. The program lasts for 12 months, and then you’ll have your DBA degree.