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Doctorate of Business Administration and Managerial Economics

Managers serve critical roles in an organization. Most people assume that managers are merely the bosses of their employees. However, managers have to make vital production and budgeting decisions too. They need to predict consumer demand and perform cost analysis, production analysis and set attractive pricing that will generate more sales and bigger profits.

These activities are associated with something called “managerial economics.” This is a course that is not taught at a lot of universities, but DBA students should learn it. So much of business management revolves around economics and finance, even if you’re a lower-level manager in an organization. If you can learn how to make smarter and more cost-effective decisions, then your company will save a lot more money.

As a result, your company leaders will reward you with a promotion to a higher paying position. At American International Theism University, we offer an advanced managerial economics course in our Doctorate of Business Administration program. It will teach you the ins and outs of managerial economics, so you will be prepared to make critical finance-related decisions on the job.

It doesn’t matter what type of company you work at. All businesses need to have managers that are proficient in the field of economics and finance. You could take our accredited Doctorate Degree in Business Administration and get hired in almost any company in the world. You’ll even stand out more than the MBA graduates because a DBA degree is a step up from an MBA degree. Most people don’t pursue a DBA, which is a mistake for them. But you don’t have to make that mistake.

You can earn your DBA degree at American International Theism University in only 12 months. All the courses and training are accessible online. If you choose to attend full-time, then you will be on your way to becoming a Doctor of Business Administration by this time next year.

Doctorate of Business Administration and Global Operations Management

Major corporations have to manage their global supply chain, which is the overall process of how their goods and services are distributed throughout the world. If you remember your previous economics classes, then you’ll know the supply chain starts with the acquisition of raw materials and ends with the sale of products or services to consumers.

On an international scale, it can be quite a challenge to manage the global supply chain of a company. It requires someone with advanced knowledge of global operations management and the necessary strategies and tools needed to do the job correctly. If you have a Master of Business Administration Degree, then you’ve acquired basic knowledge of international business already.

However, global operations management is a much more specific field that focuses on the flow of goods and services to sustain the health and productivity of an organization. It is such an important responsibility and requires someone with the highest-level degree possibly to take charge of it. That is why a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration can earn you a job in global operations management in just about any company in the world.

If you seek your DBA degree at American International Theism University, you can take the courses online and graduate in 12 months. Then you can proceed to your career in global operations management and become one of the head managers of a company’s global supply chain. You might even get to choose where you want to work in the world too. If you’ve always had a fantasy of working overseas, then a DBA can help you do that quickly.

Global operations management requires you to become a problem solver and create a structure for your company’s global operations. If you believe you have the potential to do these two things, then do not waste another second. Enroll in the DBA program at American International Theism University as soon as possible.

Doctorate of Business Administration and Strategic Management

Any successful organization will have strategic management in place. Strategic management is the type of management where company strategies are created and analyzed for their effectiveness. Based on these strategies, the company will take specific actions and make certain decisions to give themselves a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In other words, the leaders of a company will use strategic management to find ways to make their business more successful and profitable. They will examine both their internal and external environments to come up with effective strategies for success. When you obtain your education in strategic management, you will learn how to locate the necessary tools required to make a company more successful.

American International Theism University offers a complete 6-week course in strategic management when you enroll in the Doctorate of Business Administration program. As a current MBA graduate, you will get to expand your knowledge of strategic management and how it is used by corporate executives every day. They depend on strategic managers to keep their business viable and successful.

Sometimes business leaders will hire strategic managers to work directly for their company. In other cases, they will hire outside consultants who have knowledge and expertise in strategic management. Once you earn your Doctorate of Business Administration, then you can work as an external consultant or strategic manager in a company. It is your choice.

If your strategies cause a company to earn substantial profits, then you might be rewarded with a higher-level position that pays more money. That is the great thing about being a strategic manager because your abilities are tested and rewarded all the time. If you are someone who is a problem solver and critical thinker, then you’ll do fine in such a career.

You can earn your Doctorate of Business Administration from American International Theism University in one year if you attend full-time. Contact the admissions office if you have any further questions about that.