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Doctorate of Business Administration and Project Management

Businesses all have projects of some kind in the works. Projects are how companies achieve their goals, whether they’re short-term or long-term goals. For instance, a company might have a big project to expand their operations or a small project to increase their marketing. Whatever the project may be, companies depend on project managers to see them through from the beginning to the end.

A Doctorate of Business Administration will show employers that you have advanced knowledge and discipline when it comes to project management. The Project Implementation course in the DBA program at American International Theism University will teach you how to be a good project manager. You will understand how a company’s strategic goals are connected to their projects. If you can learn to complete projects successfully, then you will help a company achieve its goals.

Project management requires a manager to have a variety of different skills, such as interpersonal skills, cultural skills, and technical skills. If you earned your Master of Business Administration credential already, then you probably possess most of these skills at some level. But if you pursue your DBA degree, then you will have advanced skills in these three areas. Then you will have the professional discipline required to succeed at project management.

Of course, there are many different types of projects and industries. That is why the Project Implementation course at American International Theism University will introduce you to several case studies, so you can learn how various types of projects are managed in different industries. By understanding these concepts, you can apply them to real-life project management tasks after graduation.

You can find project management positions available in almost any big company. Since they are looking to hire recent DBA graduates, you should be able to land a job very quickly after you finish our DBA program. If you need assistance, our experienced professors can give you advice as well.

Doctorate of Business Administration and Consulting

Would you love to work for more than one company? If so, then you should think about working as an independent business consultant. You could work as an independent contractor that gets hired to help companies create strategies and solutions to increase their profits and productivity.

Business consulting is a fast-growing profession. Executives and company leaders throughout the world will hire business consultants to give them a fresh perspective on what needs to be done to achieve their company’s goals. Sometimes it helps to have outsiders come into an organization and create strategies because they aren’t emotionally involved in the business.

You could easily earn the credentials necessary to become a business consultant if you were to earn your Doctorate Degree in Business Administration. American International Theism University offers an online program where you can earn your DBA in 12 short months. There are no physical classrooms to attend either. No matter where you are located in the world, you can earn your accredited DBA in a record amount of time.

The DBA program will make sure you have all the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to work as a business consultant. You can choose to specialize in one particular industry, or you could consult businesses of several different industries. It all depends on what other skills you bring to the table outside of your general business skills.

The professors at American International Theism University can help you discover what areas you might want to specialize in as a consultant. Many of our professors have already worked as business professionals and consultants in the past. They are the best group of teachers to learn from when entering this diverse and rewarding career field.

It is so easy to start the process of becoming a student of the DBA program at American International Theism University. You can find the enrollment form on the university website.

Doctorate of Business Administration and Education

You will learn a lot of things when you take courses to earn your Doctorate of Business Administration at American International Theism University. The main topics you will study include strategic management, global operations management, international business, managerial economics, cultural issues in management, and human resource management.

However, you don’t have to limit your career choices to just these topics after you graduate from American International Theism University with a DBA. You can also pursue a business education career as well. Business education represents any number of education jobs where you teach business-related topics at a school or company.

For example, you could become a university or college professor who teaches business classes, such as Business Ethics, Business Management, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and so on. Imagine teaching about the topics that will shape the minds of aspiring businesspeople and entrepreneurs. You will have that opportunity as a Doctor of Business Administration.

You only need a Master’s Degree in Business Administration to be eligible for a professor position at a university. But if you earn a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, you’ll find employment opportunities at Ivy League schools throughout the world as well. The Ivy League schools pay a lot more money and are more rewarding too.

If you’d rather work for a company, several major companies are looking to hire business consultants and educators to help train their employees. You could have the vital task of helping new hires adjust to the company culture and making sure they can fit into the organization well.

Does this sound like a career you would like? If so, then you can spend just 12 months on upgrading your MBA to a DBA. You can earn your DBA online at American International Theism University if you attend fulltime. Contact the admissions office for more information or enroll on the sign-up page.

Doctorate of Business Administration and Communications

Business communication is how an organization shares information and data between various companies and individuals. Sometimes the information is shared with entities on an international scale too. The purpose of business communication is to sustain productivity and help the company reach its organizational objectives.

For instance, if you own an American retail company that depends on a Chinese manufacturer to supply you with products, then you will need to communicate with the manufacturer regularly. You might also need to interact with banks, shipping carriers, customers, brokers, marketers, and every other stakeholder involved in your business operation.

Business communication doesn’t just mean calling up a stakeholder on the phone or chatting with them on a video conference call. It is about how to communicate and share information with them effectively so that you can benefit your organization. It is about knowing how to promote the objectives and goals of your organization creatively and professionally.

These are the kinds of communication skills that most ordinary schools do not teach their business students. However, you will get a comprehensively direct education in business communications at American International Theism University. You will get to learn about effective business communication techniques from our many professors who’ve worked in the business administration field. You can simply learn from their experiences.

When you call yourself a Doctor of Business Administration in front of an employer, they will value your credentials and give you top consideration for their highest-level positions. If you can show that you are an effective communicator, then you could quickly move your way up to an executive position in no time.

Business leaders need effective communicators for their executive positions. A Doctor of Business Administration is just what they’re looking for to fill such positions. If you earn your DBA at American International Theism University, it will be fully accredited and valued by employers worldwide.