DMGT 874 Global Operations Management

$ 550.00

4 credit hours

COURSE OVERVIEW: This is a four semester hour course. It is a pleasure to partner with you for this educational experience. The course is an compendium of; descriptions, explanations, examples and case studies that illustrate management and leader courses of actions. Included are various perspectives of actual situations gleaned from genuine international business operations. The student will comprehend theories and practices of international firms from every part of the Globe. It could be considered a study of cause and effect of management strategies and tactics. The student will analyze and identify; issues, problems, and future business implications that are current and ally into the coming century. There is a myriad of cases in which the student will prepare critical analyses and apply theories in the international business environment.

TEXTBOOK: You have one required textbook:
Book 1: International Business. John Daniels, Lee Radebaugh, Daniel Sullivan. Prentice Hall Publishing Company, 2011. ISBN – 13: 978-0-13-212842-1.

1. Globalization and International Business
PART TWO: Comparative Environmental Frameworks
2. The Cultural Environments Facing Business
3. The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business
4. The Economic Environments Facing Businesses
5. Globalization and Society
PART THREE: Theories and Institutions: Trade and Investment 6. International Trade and Factor-Mobility Theory
7. Governmental Influence on Trade
8. Cross-National Cooperation and Agreements
PART FOUR: World Financial Environment
9. Global Foreign-Exchange Markets
10. The Determination of Exchange Rates
PART FIVE: Global Strategy, Structure, and Implementation 11. The Strategy of International Business
12. Country Evaluation and Selection
13. Export and Import Strategies
14. Direct Investment and Collaborative Strategies
15. The Organization of International Business
PART SIX: Managing International Operations
16. Marketing Globally
17. Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
18. International Accounting Issues
19. The Multinational Finance Function
20. Human Resource Management