DMGT-891: Dissertation Research, Literature Review and Proposal Defense

$ 550.00

4 credit hours


Welcome to the Doctoral Level course. We are pleased to offer you this course and share in the success with you. It is a capstone course in your studies for your doctoral program.
The emphasis in this course will be on the following areas:

1). Statement of problem, purpose of study, objectives of the study, and research questions. 2). Review of related literature.
3). Methods: research design, data collection, reliability, and data analysis.
4). Results: summary, conclusions, and implications.

5). Study limitations, recommendations, and further research.
This is a research course that offers you the knowledge and skills needed to problem solve and meet the challenges of a fast paced global business environment. During this course you will have the opportunities to conduct a systematic inquiry in order to address (your selection of topic).
Research is critical in that competition appears more vigorous each day as seen with many companies downsizing in order to refocus on basic competencies for cost reductions and profit stabilization/growth. Development of the Internet, World Wide Web, e-commerce brings new opportunities for consideration of information. We must always be vigilant of the quality of all information. You will have the chance to use quantitative and qualitative techniques by using your computing capabilities to investigate information and search and evaluate the information necessary for the development of a high quality Project.
Research techniques are critical in today’s international environment. In order to survive it is imperative that you understand how to identify quality and timely information. You must also be able to recognize solid research on which you will base your managerial decisions.
You will enjoy this comprehensively, thorough capstone course. This is your chance to select a topic and investigate all pertinent aspects. At the end you will feel confident that you can conduct international research and understand specific results.
TEXTBOOK: There are two (2) required textbooks for this course.

Book 1: “The Dissertation Journey” by Carol M. Roberts. Publisher: Corwin Press – A Sage Publications Company. ISBN: 0-7619-3887-7
Book 2: “Pocket Guide to APA Style” by Robert Perrin. Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN: 13: 978-0-618-69119-7 and ISBN 10: 0-618-69117-7

NOTE: This book will help you attain a solid grasp of the scientific method of research. The information in this book will help you think through all aspects of your research project.