GRMT 525: Psychotherapy Overview: Theory and Practice II

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4 credit hours

4 Credit Hours

This course is a piece of the Accelerated Masters in Grief Counseling program at AITU. It is a 6-hour semester course that ought to be finished inside about a month and a half. Its point is to pick up a working comprehension of essential speculations of psychotherapy and its training. GRMT 500 is the initial segment with GRMT 525 finishing the topic.  Together the courses furnish you with a hypothetical comprehension of different ways to deal with treatment and a useful range of abilities fundamental for the compelling routine with regards to despondency treatment. You will likewise discover steady chances to apply the material to melancholy treatment specifically.  This is a similar course offered as a major aspect of the Accelerated Masters program in Grief Counseling GRDT 1102.