GRMT 650: Understanding and Treating Complicated Grief

$ 550.00

4 credit hours

4 Credit Hours

This course is a piece of the Accelerated Masters in Grief Counseling program at AITU. It is a 6-hour semester course that ought to be finished inside about a month and a half. The point of this course is give understudies a working comprehension of the elements of “confounded” sadness and how to encourage this procedure through guiding. Customers with confused distress may feel that the mourning procedure has assumed control over their lives, gone on unaltered for quite a while, as well as drove them to feel “stuck in time”. Alternately, confused despondency may present as quieted, missing or “clear” responses to misfortune really underlie dangerous enthusiastic elements of disavowal and relocation that can thus encourage a large group of issues (from sadness to addictions). This course will give you a comprehension of these points and aptitudes expected to approach them restoratively inside the setting of directing.