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Master of Grief Counseling and the Effect on Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the estimated number of American adults that suffer from depression is 16 million. Any adult that suffered a minimum of one serious depressive episode in the last five years was counted in the statistic. There are also a growing number of children who develop depression too. Sometimes it is caused by trauma or just the problems they have in school or home.

A lot of people like to brush off depression and say it is no big deal. However, depression can have a profoundly dangerous effect on a person if they don’t get it treated quickly. Although there is no cure for depression, the painful symptoms of the disorder can be reduced by scheduling regular grief counseling sessions with a professional grief counselor.

After you earn your Master’s Degree in Grief Counseling from American International Theism University, you will have the qualifications needed to help people deal with their depression. You will serve as a professional person who listens to people’s problems and the events in their life that are causing them to feel sad and depressed. Then you will respond by giving them practical advice based on the mental health education you received.

Grief counselors usually specialize in treating depression that is based on a particular event or circumstance. If someone just feels depressed because they have a chemical imbalance in their brain, then they need to see a psychiatrist and get medication to correct the imbalance. But if their depression stems from a traumatic event, then a grief counselor is a more appropriate person f

How would you like to be a counselor who helps people feel better and less depressed? All it takes is one year of training at American International Theism University, and you could end up with a Master’s Degree in Grief Counseling.

Master of Grief Counseling and the Effect on Parents’ Separation

When two parents decide to separate from each other, it can be difficult for their children. It is actually more difficult when the children are older because they’ve already been accustomed to their parents being together for their entire life. Now that their parents are separating, it is a giant blow to all that they know to be normal.

Each child will handle their parents’ separation differently. Some children will feel depressed and resentful toward their parents, while other children may not express their emotion about it at all. However, that doesn’t mean the pain of the separation doesn’t exist inside of them. It might turn into a subconscious pain that they don’t even realize exists.

In any event, a child who has difficulties dealing with their parents’ separation should talk with a grief counselor. Would you like to become a qualified grief counselor so that you can counsel children after their parents’ separate? If so, then you need a Master’s Degree in Grief Counseling from American International Theism University.

You can earn your Master’s Degree in one year, and then be on your way to helping children overcome their parents’ separation. With the high rate of separation and divorce in the United States, there are a growing number of broken households with damaged children. That is why there is a rising demand for grief counselors who have the training and experience to help children through this emotional time in their lives.

A child who cannot process the pain of their parents’ separation will turn to you for guidance and advice on how to proceed with their lives from there. You will help them grow accustomed to their new life with two separated parents. After a while, they’ll grow to realize that it is not as bad as they thought it would be.

American International Theism University offers courses in grief counseling and all related areas. We make sure that you are truly a master of grief counseling when you earn your Master’s Degree from our university.