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Master of Islamic Banking and its Differences from Regular Banking

If you want to become a Master of Islamic Banking, then you must learn about Shariah law and how it governs the banking system in the Middle East. Any foreigner who plans to get a banking or finance-related job in the Middle East must understand Islamic banking perfectly. It is not exactly like other types of banking systems that are found in the world. A Master’s Degree in Islamic Banking will help you understand the differences between these systems.

American International Theism University offers a comprehensive study program that allows students to earn their Master of Islamic Banking degree in 12 short months over the internet. Once you earn this degree, you can have your choice of any number of Middle Eastern banking jobs. But even if you merely want to do business with an Islamic company, it would still help to understand Islamic banking.

There are similarities and differences between Sharia-based banking and regular banking. For instance, both banking systems want to maximize profits by loaning money and accepting deposits. However, Sharia Law does not believe that any person or institution should make money from charging interest. That means banks cannot charge interest on their loans, and depositors cannot make interest on their savings.

These are just a few samples of what you will learn about Islamic banking and how it is different than traditional banking. Many businesses prefer to use Islamic banks for their startup capital because it means they don’t have to pay interest on it. On the other hand, they will have to give partial ownership of their company to the banks in exchange for the loans.

Does this sound like exciting information to learn and understand for your new Islamic banking career? If so, then enroll in our Master’s Degree program at American International Theism University.

Master of Islamic Banking and its Effects on Globalization

Islamic banking is different than other types of banking in the world. It is a system of banking that is derived from Shariah Law. Since the 1970s, Islamic banking has had a powerful influence on the global economy. The increase in globalization and trade with Middle Eastern countries has made Islamic banking something of great importance to the international business community.

For this reason, many new Islamic banking and finance jobs are created each year. That is why so many students choose Islamic banking as their college major. If you can earn your Master of Islamic Banking Degree, then you’ll have no problem finding employment in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, or any number of other countries where Sharia Law governs the banking system.

If you are a native English speaker, for instance, then you will find a plethora of job opportunities waiting for you in the Middle East. All you need is a six-year degree in Islamic Banking, and it will open many doors for you over there. Most of the candidates who apply for these jobs only have a generic degree major, such as Business Administration or Banking & Finance. These credentials wouldn’t help them if they weren’t taught about Islam and its influence on the Middle Eastern banking system.

American International Theism University offers the fastest and easiest way for you to earn your six-year degree. If you currently have a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Banking from an accredited college or university, then you already meet the qualifications to enroll in the university’s Master’s Degree program. Once you are accepted, it will only take you one year to finish the program and earn your degree. Then you can start your job in the Islamic banking industry.

After you earn your Master’s Degree in Islamic Banking, you can continue your education at American International Theism University and go for your Doctorate as well. Contact us for more information about that.

Master of Islamic Banking and the Effects on Families

Islamic banking has a profound effect on so many families in Muslim countries. Many of them depend on Sharia-based mortgages to finance the purchase of their homes. Since about 38 million people have accounts at Islamic banks, the industry is vastly expanding to multiple Middle Eastern countries and beyond.

As a result, the number of job opportunities in the Islamic banking industry is growing by the year. If you want to get in on the action, then you need to possess the necessary credentials to obtain one of these jobs. After that, you can help Muslim families secure the mortgages they need to purchase their houses and provide a better life for their spouses and children.

Are you interested in becoming a true Master of Islamic Banking? If so, then you can earn this credential by enrolling at American International Theism University. We offer a comprehensive Master’s Degree training program in the field of Islamic Banking. Students get prepared for real-life jobs as bank managers, bank presidents, customer service team managers, and so on.

All you need to get started in the Master’s Degree program is a four-year degree in Islamic Banking. You can earn this degree at our university or any other accredited college or university. Our degree programs are all accredited, as we are an authorized educational institution for granting graduate and undergraduate degrees.

When you enroll in our Master of Islamic Banking program, you’ll have the opportunity to complete it in only 12 months. Once you receive your degree, you can start applying for those high-level Islamic banking jobs and help Muslim families secure mortgages for their future homes. It is truly a rewarding feeling that you will love and appreciate.

American International Theism University gives you all the knowledge and training necessary to succeed in Islamic banking jobs. You will receive the training completely online. There has never been a better time to get your education in this field than right now.