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Our Programs at ATIU, American International Theism University

Islamic Banking and Finance

The students of American International Theism University can choose to enroll in one of our four graduate-level degree programs, which are Education, Grief Counseling, Business Administration, and Islamic Finance. We are authorized to award a Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree for each one of these programs.

Students pursuing a Doctorate Degree for a particular major must already possess a Master’s Degree in that same major or an equivalent major. Relevant credits from other accredited universities and colleges will be considered for transfer students. There are no guarantees how many transfer credits will be applied toward your degree program at our school. That is up to our admissions department to decide.

Master’s Degree

A Master’s Degree is one step up above a Bachelor’s Degree. If you have already earned an accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Grief Counseling, Business Administration, or Islamic Finance, then you will qualify to enroll in our Master’s Degree program for the major you’ve already studied.

Most employers will only hire employees for high paying jobs if they have a Master’s Degree. That is the minimum education requirement for most high paying jobs these days. Since you can earn your Master’s Degree in less than a year at American International Theism University, your new career may come sooner than you think.

Doctorate Degree

A Doctorate Degree is the most advanced degree you could ever earn in a particular major. It is one step above a Master’s Degree, which means you must already possess an accredited Master’s Degree in your field of study before you can pursue a Doctorate Degree in it.

At American International Theism University, your Doctorate Degree-level choices include Education, Grief Counseling, Business Administration, or Islamic Finance. Once you become a Doctor in one of these disciplines, you’ll have your choice of virtually any job in that field. A Doctorate Degree on your resume is bound to impress any employer in the world.