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AITU Accreditation and the future to our Students

When you enroll at American International Theism University, you have the pleasure of knowing that you’re enrolling at an accredited university and distant learning provider. Accreditation is important when choosing a post-secondary education institution, especially if that institution offers graduate-level degrees. It gives value to your degree and makes you worthy of employment and further education in your chosen field.

American International Theism University gets its official accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities. This accreditation body is associated with the CHEA International Quality Group and their International Directory. The UK Visas and Immigration also recognize the ASIC as an official accreditation body in the United Kingdom.

American International Theism University’s other affiliations and memberships include the British Quality Foundation, European Distance and E-Learning Network, and European Network for Quality Assurance. These are internationally recognized organizations that should give assurance to students that their degrees can be used overseas if necessary.

When you show your resume to potential employers in the future, they’ll check to verify that your college education came from a reputable and accredited source. After all, there are a lot of online colleges and universities that do not possess any accreditation. A degree from one of these institutions would not have any valuable, which is why accreditation is held to a much higher standard.

The fact that American International Theism University has accreditation means its degree programs give value to its students. Not only will your degree be recognized as accredited and legitimate, but you’ll also receive an education that teaches you valuable skills that you can apply to a real-world job experience.

American International Theism University offers accredited degrees online as well. But when you receive your diploma at the end of your program, it will not indicate that it was earned online. Your degree will have just as much value as someone who earned it in an actual classroom environment.