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Complete your Doctorate Degree in Grief Counseling or Education in One Year.

All of the accelerated degree programs of American International Theism University comply with Section 1005.06(1)(f) of the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education. This is the regulatory body that has authorized us to award Master’s Degrees and Doctorate Degrees.

Since we’ve designed our graduate degree programs to be completed at an accelerated rate, you can earn your Master’s or Doctorate in 12 months at American International Theism University. Of course, it doesn’t mean that our courses will be easy or lower in quality. You still have to work very hard to complete our courses and achieve passing scores on all tests and assignments.

After all, you will be working toward the highest-level degrees in the education industry. We make sure that by the time you’re done with our courses, you will have truly earned the degree that you are awarded. Our accelerated degree programs prepare students for the jobs that are waiting for them on the outside after they graduate.

Therefore, you are not just earning a diploma with your name on it. You are receiving a premium quality education with facts and knowledge that will help you in your future career. Your employers will trust in your degree credentials because they will be accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities. This is a trusted accreditation service with worldwide recognition.

American International Theism University does not put terms like “accelerated” or “online” on any of the degrees that are issued. No one will think any less of your degree when they see your diploma. It will simply indicate the school name, your name, your major, and the type of degree that you have earned. The fact that you will earn your degree online in 12 months does not affect the quality of the degree. Its accreditation is what matters.

Have your future Accelerated by Our new programs at American International Theism University, AITU

Are you anxious to earn your Master’s Degree or Doctorate Degree in a minimum of 12 months? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. American International Theism University offers accelerated degree programs in a lot of advanced and in-demand fields, such as Education, Business Administration, Grief Counseling, and Islamic Finance. You could literally have an advanced degree in your hands by this time next year. Imagine that!

Our accelerated degrees have the accreditation of the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities to back up their validity. When you bring our diploma to any major employer in the world, they will recognize the ASIC as an official international accreditation body. There are very few accredited universities that offer accelerated degrees to their students. We are fortunate to say that we do.

A normal university requires you to spend up to 3 years to earn a Master’s Degree or Doctorate Degree. However, we consolidate all of the important lesson plans and information that you need to know into a one-year accelerated program. As long as you become a full-time student at American International Theism University, you can earn your advanced degree quickly. Just make sure you have enough time to study and focus on your course work.

To assist you in this effort, we offer all our accelerated degree programs online. American International Theism University does not have a physical campus, so you can attend all your degree courses on our website. Once you enroll in a degree program and become accepted by our admissions office, you will receive personalized login credentials.

These are the credentials that allow you to log in and attend the virtual classes of your courses. You can choose the time of day to attend class. The freedom to choose your own hours for class attendance will really help you on your accelerated journey to graduate with an advanced degree.