Islamic financial institutions do not like to take on risky investments. So many financial institutions in the west lose money because they take bigger risks with their loans. For instance, if a business person were to apply for a startup loan at an Islamic bank, the lender would conduct a thorough audit of the person’s credit background and other information concerning the stability of the investment and risk factor. Islamic financial institutions want to make sure they do not lose money on an investment. That is why they look for stability in every investment they make. As a Doctor of Islamic Banking, you will have a greater understanding of why the Islamic investment model is so powerful to Middle Eastern countries. You can also contribute to helping these financial institutions make better investment decisions too. As a result, you will assist with the economic development of this region of the world. If you have a high-level position in one of these Islamic financial institutions, then it means a lot more money for you. The better investments that you underwrite, the more rewarding it will be for you and your career. American International Theism University has assisted hundreds of graduates in jumpstarting their Islamic banking careers upon graduation from our Doctorate of Islamic Banking program. Not only do we offer career assistance, but we have Islamic banking professionals as teachers at our university as well. They can also give you career advice and guide you on a better path forward after graduation. Investment stability is the key objective of the Islamic Banking industry. If you can make a valuable contribution to this objective, then you will have a long and prosperous career in Islamic Banking. Since you already have a Master’s Degree, you should spend another 12 months and earn your Doctorate Degree. Then you’ll have stability in your own career going forward. Doctorate of Islamic Banking and Consulting The Islamic Banking industry needs financial consultants for various reasons. Sometimes financial consultants are needed to assist banking institutions in becoming more profitable. They are also needed to ensure that the banks follow Sharia law. Any financial institution that does not follow Sharia law will have severe penalties placed upon it and possibly upon the leaders of the institution. For this reason, Islamic financial consultants are in high demand in the Middle East. That is why you should pursue your Doctorate of Islamic Banking Degree at American International Theism University and then get a job as a financial consultant in one of the major Middle Eastern countries. There are consultants being hired in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, just to name a few. You’ll have no shortage of consulting job opportunities waiting for you. American International Theism University prepares students for the Islamic banking industry. Whether you choose to be a consultant or some other banking official, you need to understand the rules and guidelines of Sharia law and how they govern all banking and financial transactions in these countries. The key to succeeding in Islamic banking is knowing Sharia law inside and out. Our Doctorate of Islamic Banking program offers comprehensive courses about Sharia law and how they influence the way banks are run in the Middle East. Since you’re studying to become a Doctor of Islamic Banking, then you’re essentially becoming a doctor of Sharia law too. If you already have your Master’s degree in the subject, then you’re basically a master of Sharia law right now. With your current Master’s degree, you will likely qualify for enrollment into the Doctorate level program. The only way to know for sure is to fill out the enrollment application online. We will review your application quickly and let you know our answer in a timely manner. Doctorate of Islamic Banking and Risk Management Risk management is a very important job in the Islamic banking industry. Sharia law ensures that Islamic financial institutions do not take big risks with their loans and account holders. The law does not condone institutions that rack up a lot of debt in order to underwrite as many loans as possible. That may be the western banking model, but it is certainly not the model of Islamic banking. American International Theism University prepares you for a career in risk management at an Islamic financial institution. You can spend 12 months to earn your Doctorate Degree in Islamic Banking and learn everything you need to know about risk management from an educational perspective. The courses you will take include Islamic Risk Management, Islamic Risk Management II, Islamic Insurance, Advanced Islamic Corporate Finance, and Shariah and Islamic Jurisprudence. As you can see, there is a lot of training that focuses on Risk Management. Islamic banks make it their priority to do due diligence on all loan applicants and bank account applicants to ensure they are low risks. If any person or investment is considered to be a big risk, then it will be denied by the bank. As a risk manager, you will have the responsibility of doing due diligence and giving your recommendation for the approval or denial of a loan. American International Theism University makes it easy to get your Doctorate level degree. Imagine spending the next year of your life by earning your Doctorate degree online and then coming out of it as a Doctor of Islamic Banking. You can make this a reality by applying online and getting started with the program. Our teachers bring their own experience to each course they teach, so the quality of your education will be highly valuable. American International Theism University is an accredited institution that is authorized to award Doctorate Degrees in Islamic Banking. Doctorate of Islamic Banking and Cultural Issues in Management The Middle East has seen an increase in immigration for the past 20 years. These immigrants don’t just come from Asian and African countries. They also come from European countries and the United States as well. Since the economy has been booming in the Middle East for quite some time, it has attracted foreigners to the Islamic banking industry because of its high paying jobs. Of course, you need to have the proper credentials to get hired in this industry. Even if you have worked in the banking industry back home, you still don’t have the knowledge necessary to get a job in a Middle Eastern country. Islamic banking jobs require its employees to have a full understanding of Sharia law and the restrictions that have been placed on Islamic financial institutions. If you become an Islamic bank manager, you will come across a lot of cultural issues with both your coworkers and customers. Since you are not from the Middle East, then you’ll have to grow accustomed to the Islamic culture that is practised by your employer and coworkers. You’ll also have to be understanding about the varying cultures of your customers. Some of them may even be investors from different countries. American International Theism University will teach you how to handle cultural issues in management. No matter who enters your bank, you must demonstrate your intellect and intelligence in front of them. Most importantly, you must educate them about Islamic banking products and services that are available. Try to show understanding of their culture and beliefs without being critical or divisive. You will learn all about how to handle cultural issues as an Islamic bank manager by enrolling in our Doctorate of Islamic Banking program today. The teachers are experienced and know how to make online classes fun, entertaining, and educational at the same time.
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