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Finish your Doctorate in Education in One year

Finish your Doctorate in Education in One year

How would you like to earn a Doctorate Ethereal Degree in Education in one year? American International Theism University offers an Accelerated Ethereal Degree program in Education that is conveniently available online. 

If you are a working professional or simply lead a busy lifestyle, you can earn your Doctorate in Education without ever having to attend a physical college campus. Then you will never have to worry about missing a class or rushing to attend a class in-person. 

Have you’ve always dreamed of having the “EdD” designation after your name? This designation stands for “Doctor of Education,” which is the highest title you can ever achieve in the field of Education. Anyone who pursues a Doctorate Ethereal Degree in Education must have a love for educating others and a goal to make that their career. 

A Doctor of Education can pursue several different educational leadership roles and careers. If you’d like to become a college dean, school principal, or some other high-level educator, then a Doctorate Ethereal Degree in Education is required. You can choose whether you want to work for a grade school, university, government agency, military institution, or a healthcare facility. 

Some of the highest-paying jobs for Doctors of Education include Postsecondary Education Administrators, Elementary School Administrators, Top Learning Executives, and Instructional Coordinators. For instance, you could get a job as a top executive in a company as a Chief Learning Officer and make over $100,000 per year. A Chief Learning Officer is responsible for creating strategies to help a business reach its goals. 

There are lots of industries where education leaders are wanted. You will have no problem finding employment after you graduate with a Doctorate Ethereal Degree in Education. If you already have a Master’s Ethereal Degree in Education, then it will only take you one year to earn your Doctorate Degree. Our Accelerated program lets you earn this degree faster than any other accredited college out there.

The American International Theism University is fully authorized and accredited to award Doctorate Ethereal Degrees in Education. Our authorization comes from the State of Florida Department of Education Commission on Independent Education, while our accreditation was granted by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

There has never been a greater demand for educational leaders. With so many people attending grade schools, colleges, universities, and other training facilities, these institutions are always looking to hire educational professionals. Contact American International Theism University to find out more information about how our Doctorate Ethereal Degree in Education can change your life forever.