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Master of Islamic Banking and the Effect on Substance Abuse

Did you know that Islamic banking can help to reduce the substance abuse problem in the Middle East? Many people in the west don’t often think about substance abuse as being a problem in Islamic nations, but it does happen there. Substance abuse is a problem in every country in the world. Why wouldn’t they be? Drugs and alcohol are addictive, no matter who you are.

Often times, people develop a drug or alcohol problem because they are under stress. It could be the stress of not owning a home or finding a loan to start a business. As an Islamic banker, you would have the responsibility of helping Muslim citizens secure mortgages for purchasing homes and loans to start businesses. It would put you in a position to help people accomplish their goals and make their dreams come true.

That way, people won’t turn to drugs and alcohol because they don’t have the money to purchase a home or start a business. The best part is that Sharia mortgages and loans do not charge interest to the borrowers. Instead, borrowers must set up a home payment plan to repay the mortgage or offer a percentage of ownership in their business if it’s a startup loan.

American International Theism University will give you a thorough education in Sharia law and how it governs Islamic banking in the Middle East. You will learn about how different classes of Muslim people qualify for different types of loans from the banks. Even though you might not be able to help everybody get a loan, you will be in a position to help a great number of people. That is what counts.

A Master of Islamic Banking is in high demand in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. You could start earning a six-figure salary within a few short years after you earn your Master’s Degree at American International Theism University. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll on our website today and get started securing your future in a meaningful way.

Master of Islamic Banking and the Potential for Job Growth

Economists estimate that Islamic Banking and Finance is an industry with 7% job growth annually. The average salary of an Islamic banker is anywhere between $70,000 and $200,000. If you were to become a Master of Islamic Banking, then you could easily start out at $70,000 per year and work your way up to six figures in no time.

There is so much economic interest in the Middle East from international investors and other important stakeholders. You don’t necessarily need to be directly associated with the banking industry to benefit from a Master of Islamic Banking degree. If you are a professional person with clients who have economic interests in the Middle East, then it helps to have knowledge about Islamic banking as well.

For example, if you are a lawyer, consultant, accountant, auditor, or investment advisor who does business in the Middle East, then it would help to have knowledge of Sharia law and its influence on Islamic banking. Perhaps you could increase your list of clients if they learn that you have this kind of valuable knowledge. A lot of other professional people from different countries do not have this knowledge. Do you see how you would stick out here?

American International Theism University gives an advanced education to graduate students pursuing Islamic banking as a direct or indirect career path. There are so many new jobs being created in the Middle East which, in turn, is increasing the number of jobs in the banking industry there. If you want to take advantage of all these new opportunities, then you need to do so immediately.

We’ve created online classes to speed up the process of earning the Master of Islamic Banking credential. You only need an accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Banking or a related major in order to qualify. Contact the admissions office of American International Theism University for more information.