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Doctorate of Education and the Effect on Teen Depression

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Teen depression is the secret pandemic that no one likes to talk about. Millions of children experience some degree of depression or mental illness. Depression makes it difficult for students to concentrate in school. If they cannot focus, then it affects their grades and ability to retain information from their classes.

A Doctor of Education is in a unique position to help students who are dealing with depression. If you were to obtain a leadership position at a school with your Doctorate Degree in Education from American International Theism University, you could make sure that your students get help with their depression. This help can come in the form of counselors and therapists who are trained in treating symptoms of depression, especially in teen children.

It is difficult being a teenager because it is the time when the body and mind go through a lot of changes. These changes can cause depression for no particular reason. Sometimes the hormones and chemical changes in the body will cause depression without any direct reason. Depression symptoms are difficult for any teenager to control on their own. If they don’t get control over them, it could potentially destroy the rest of their academic career.

Therefore, you can put your Doctorate of Education degree to good use by helping your students treat their depression. You can hire the best counselors and therapists to work at your school and talk with teen students who need help dealing with these symptoms. As a result, you’ll see your students doing much better in their classes and schoolwork. Not only that, but they will be happier and more focused on their future as well.

Would you like to have this kind of impact on the lives of teenage students? If so, then spend the next year earning your Doctorate of Education Degree at American International Theism University. You will not regret it.

Doctorate of Education and the Effect on the Loss of Your Parent

The loss of a parent can be devastating for any student to endure. Their entire homelife will literally change forever if their parent passes away. In most of these cases, the student’s academic performance suffers as a result of their parent’s death. If adequate counseling resources are not available to students in this position, then it could affect the rest of their academic careers.

The Doctorate of Education Degree program teaches you a lot about the things that affect student learning. It is no longer enough to run a school that has guidance counselors as the primary source of counseling for students. Instead, you need to run a school that has professional counselors and psychologists who know how to help students through the difficulties of losing a parent.

Whether you become a school principal or university dean, you will want your students to be as successful as possible. Many students cannot afford to hire their own therapists and counselors. That is why a good school leader will make these resources available to them for free, especially at the grade school level.

You will learn more about what it takes to be a successful educator as you study to become a Doctor of Education. American International Theism University employs the very best professors of education in the United States. They can help answer your questions and give you ideas on how to be the best educator you can be after you graduate from the program.

Educators might not be counselors, but they have the power to arrange for students to get counseling. If you can learn about allocating funds in the education budget and working with the budget department to achieve this agenda, then you can give your students something special that is not offered at many other schools.

Come sign up for the Doctorate of Education program today and get started with your new education career in just one year.

Doctorate of Education and the Impact of Shootings on Children

School shootings have been an unfortunate reoccurrence in our world for the past 20 years. In the old days, children only had to worry about fires breaking out at their schools. That is why they used to practice fire drills all the time. But now, children have to practice active shooter drills at their schools because of how frequently they occur.

As a Doctor of Education, you will learn that children need more than active shooter drills to stay safe at school. They need professional counseling if an actual shooting does take place. The long-term impact of shootings can take their toll on a child’s academic development. Resources must be in place to address the impact of shootings before it damages the children forever.

There has never been a better time to earn your Doctorate Degree in Education because the demand for professional educators continues to grow around the world. A Doctor of Education will have the critical task of providing quality education to their students while keeping them safe at the same time. And if an active shooting incident does occur, the Doctor of Education will possess the skills to know how to deal with the aftermath.

The Doctorate of Education Degree program covers all the fundamentals of decision making in an educational institution. You will know the ins and outs of leadership positions in the education system, especially when it comes to serious things like active shooter scenarios. American International Theism University can give you this education in 12 months.

If you already have your Master’s Degree in Education, what’s one more year of studying? You will become a Doctor of Education, who serves as the most trusted leader in a school. You could be the one who makes the right decisions that keep students safe and helps get them counseling so that they can overcome the trauma of the event.