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islamic finance degree

Islamic finance certification

Islamic finance degree offered by AITU, American International Theism University. Do you want a Master of Science Degree in Islamic Finance and Banking? American International Theism University has an amazing accelerated online program where you can earn your Master of Science Degree in Islamic Finance and Banking in one year. If you plan to pursue a finance career in the Middle East, then this is the degree you will need to get started.

There are many wealthy and powerful companies in the Middle East that are looking to hire foreigners with Master’s Degrees in Islamic Finance and Banking. These companies need to fill positions in banking, real estate, oil, venture capitalism and other related industries. But these companies are not going to hire you if you only have a Bachelor’s Degree. Since these companies receive thousands of applications from qualified candidates all over the world, their minimum education requirement is a Master’s Degree.

American International Theism University can offer you an online education so that you can earn your Islamic finance degree online without having to attend class in person. Instead, you can log into your online student account on the university website and attend class virtually. This makes it so much easier for students like yourself to earn a Master’s Degree in 12 months. You can take a lot more courses without having to drive to class each day. That is how you will receive an accelerated education at American International Theism University.

When you bring our Master of Science Degree over to a Middle Eastern company, it will be recognized for its value and accreditation. The State of Florida Department of Education Commission on Independent Education Section 1005.06(1)(f) gives us the authority to grant degrees, such as the Master of Science Degree. We’re also an accredited university, which means our degrees are valued by employers.

Do not miss the opportunity and hurry to join a master’s in Islamic finance USA.

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  1. I can’t find your school in the United State directory of accredited schools?
    I don’t think your school accredited by the United States recognized accrediting agency!!

    1. User Avatar

      We are approved by the Department of Education, Commission of Independent Education in Florida and accredited by AISC.

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