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TMBA 638 – Advanced Human Resource Management

TMBA 638 – Advanced Human Resource Management

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What Will Learn?

This advanced course is designed for HR professionals who wish to make an effective contribution at a strategic level in today’s rapidly changing organizations, internally or as external consultants. Students will integrate the knowledge gained through previous coursework and experience and build on that conceptual foundation. Emerging issues in human resource management will be discussed . Advanced HR management skills such as consultation skills, coaching, change management, and facilitation skills will be explored and practiced. Students will learn how to safeguard their organization’s bottom-line by acquiring the high-level skills needed to excel as an HR leader. This is a 4 credit hour course and is allotted 6 weeks of time.

Advanced Human Resource Management

Advanced Human Resource Management is an advanced course of the Accelerated Ethereal Master of Business Administration Degree program. It involves a more advanced study of personnel and human resource management within an organization. The purpose of the course is to prepare you to become a high-level human resource management professional.

The students who enroll in this advanced course should have already taken the standard human resource management course when they earned their Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. The basic level course teaches the fundamentals of human resource management. You could probably get a job in the human resources department of a smaller business with this education and experience alone.

On the other hand, the advanced level course teaches current human resource professionals how to make a significant contribution at a strategic level in today’s rapidly changing organizations, both as an internal and external consultant. Many of our MBA graduates go on to get jobs as human resource consultants for major corporations. Some of these corporations are even Fortune 500 companies.

The Advanced Human Resource Management course at American International Theism University is 100% accredited. After you complete the entire course curriculum successfully, you will earn four credits on your record to use toward earning your MBA degree. Advanced Human Resource Management is available online, so you can choose your own schedule for when you attend class. You will be given six weeks to complete the course, which should be plenty of time for most students.

Our business professors have a background and discipline in Advanced Human Resource Management. They have worked in the field for many years in their careers. Now they bring their knowledge and expertise to help our students succeed. You can email them your questions anytime, and they will respond within 24 hours. Your success in the course is their success!

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